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Our Team


Lauren Linkous

Lauren Linkous is a PhD student working on the Medical Device Security testbed at VCU. She has extensive experience with programming, sensors, and 3D modeling and printing. Lauren began working with Cyber Physical Systems in undergrad with small, ambulatory robots and 3D printed prosthetics. Her graduate studies incorporate using the Internet of Things, machine learning, and data processing in both the Medical Device Security and OpenCyberCity testbeds. Lauren builds her own data collection/monitoring systems from open-source hardware and custom software. Her current work involves digital simulation of physical environments for validating closed loop control systems.

BS Electrical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University

BS Physics, Virginia Commonwealth University

Erwin Karincic

Erwin Karincic

Erwin Karincic is an experienced security researcher with focus on reverse engineering, binary analysis, exploit development, and penetration testing. He has experience with embedded programming on a wide variety of architectures along with hardware reverse engineering and firmware extraction. He also has experience designing/simulating/fabricating antennas and implementing Radio Frequency (RF) waveforms using Software Defined Radios (SDR). His past work includes extensive TCP/IP networking experience supporting Cisco routers and switches along with Palo Alto firewalls. Erwin currently holds many certifications some of which are OSCP/OSCE/OSWE/OSEE/CCIE EI.

BS Computer Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University
MS Electrical and Computer Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University


Abhi Rajagopala, PhD

Dr. Abhi Rajagopala's experience has been in design of heterogeneous computing systems involving FPGA accelerator designs. This involves design of Flight Control systems (Light Combat Aircrafts), Barcode and RFID printing systems, digital controllers for power electronics (DOE), FPGA synchronizers for smart-grid systems, and design of exa-scale multicore systems (LANL). His dissertation investigates methods to improve designer productivity for FPGA designs using High-level synthesis for next generation memories. While working as a visiting researcher at Information Science Institute, his research involves Partial Reconfiguration for space systems (NASA), Intel's HARP platform, and evaluation of next-generation 3D memories (Micron).

PhD Electrical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
MS Electrical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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